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Another service, which I provide, is to work with schools. I work with the child’s class teacher, the child, and the parents/carers to produce a package to meet individual needs. To measure impact, Orchard Tutoring assesses the child from the start and follows this up with half-termly reports to the school.

Orchard Tutoring’s engaging approach to learning pays close attention to different learning styles. Sessions raise self-esteem, confidence and standards. All Primary subject areas including literacy and numeracy are covered. To add value, a range of musical activities is also available.

Why choose Orchard Tutoring?

  • Tailored and flexible tutoring to meet the child’s needs
  • Delivered by a Primary teacher with 20 years’ experience
  • Key Stage 1 through to Year 6 SATS
  • Ideal for PPA cover
  • 1:1, group or whole class sessions
  • Literacy, numeracy, music and all other Primary subjects
  • Guitar, drums, recorders, keyboards, vocals and music technology lessons available
  • Fun activities to engage the reluctant learner
  • Experience with working with SEN children
  • Clear tracking systems and reporting to measure the impact on every child

Feel free to telephone or complete the contact us form to find out how Orchard Tutoring can assist your school with raising standards.